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Auto Update Trend Line

What is the trend line?

A high line that connects the top of the peak of the candlesticks, and a low line connects the bottom. Price is known empirically that oscillates between the high line and low line.

Price forecast by the trend line is a classic way, but it is also valid in the modern. As if target price is set in advance, there would  be reversed when it reaches the line. Continuation of the upward trend, according to Dow theory is whether to update the highs, the trend line is also represented in the Dow theory state clearly.

Trend line is the highly effective but, manually draw the line is a very cumbersome. Also drawing manual is not consistent as the data in order due to human judgment. This indicator draws the trend line automatically, including the future area. Logic is refer to the Zigzag, in a number of past candlestick given “Depth”, to update the high line in the case of the maximum, to update the low line in the case of the lowest. Future area will be drawn as an extension of each line. Peak will be corrected retroactively by the number of candlestick given by "Backstep".

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