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Open Trailing Sell

This Expert Advisor allows you to open a Sell position with previously parameters set.

After the position was opened the trailing stop is triggered automatically upon the occurrence of the conditions set.

Beware that the trailing stop works on the client side, if the connection is closed the server remembers the last stop loss set.

The Stop Loss value can be set in points or automatically calculated on risk percentage set of the open position value.

The risk percentage takes priority on Stop Loss (in points) value.

Could happen if the transaction is with a minimum lot like 0.01 and the percentage of risk is also minimal that the stop loss is not accepted by the server, in this case, just increase the percentage of risk set.

The expert is programmed to perform only one operation at a time.

After closing the transaction the Expert will be automatically removed and you have to start again the Expert to open a new operation.

Input parameters:

  • Lots
  • Take Profit (in points)
  • Stop Loss (in points)
  • Trailing Stop Level (in points)
  • Stop Loss (in % on amount position)
  • Operation confirmation (It allows you to have a further confirmation before executing the order)
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Version 1.1 - 2015.07.31
With mqh library