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Markus trades trend reversals.

Markus does not use:

  • averaging
  • martingale
  • grids
  • arbitrage
  • history fitting

All deals have stop loss and take profit.

Closing is performed by SL, TP or a reversal signal.


  • StartHour - trading start time
  • StopHour - trading stop time
  • SL - stop loss
  • TP - take profit
  • MaxRisk - lot calculation in 0.01 - 1.0 format, where 0.01 corresponds to 0.01 of the standard lot per each $1 000. If 0.0, then the fixed lot (Lot) is used
  • Lot - fixed lot size (if MaxRisk is 0.0)

No new deals are performed outside of the StartHour-StopHour time interval, while existing ones are still tracked.


  • USD account
  • Virtual hosting (VPS)
  • ECN broker with fast execution.

Before launching the EA, check your broker's time zone and change trading time if necessary.

The default parameters are optimized for EURUSD H4.

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Version 1.1 - 2015.10.02
Added the non-aggressive Martingale (if Martin=True) which multiplies a lot by the ratio (koef) after a loss-making trade.
After exceeding a risk, the Martingale is disabled but the lot is calculated by the aggressive equation till the first profitable trade. After receiving a profit, MM returns to its initial state.
If MaxRisk=0, Martin is disabled.

Added the Parabolic parameters for more precise optimization.