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Popular Prices and Volumes

Popular Prices and Volumes.

The program provides a trader with price zone statistical data. A financial instrument chart is divided into price zones by horizontal lines. Percentage ratio of the tick volume in such zone and the total tick volume of bars located in the financial instrument window is calculated for each zone.

The program works with all symbols and timeframes.

Price zone statistics is updated on each new bar.

Histograms, percentage ratio and other information are displayed on the screen.

You can use leading ranges to create various strategies. For instance, you can use them as support and resistance levels or as levels where prices fluctuate for a long time.

Chart Shift and Auto Scroll buttons of the client terminal should be depressed.

Number of price ranges is set to 10 by default. You can change it in the EA's properties, the Number of Prices Ranges parameter. Recommended value is from 10 to 30.

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Version 1.1 - 2015.08.31
New Input Parameters
- start date - calculation start date
- end date - calculation end date
In version 1.0 only bars within the financial symbol window were used for calculation. Now the range of bars is customizable.