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Future drawable multiple Bollinger Bands

Bollinger band value of approximately 95% when a 2.0 BandsDeviations is within the range of the upper and lower. Because it also applies to all BandsPeriod and periodicity, it will be the value that can be taken if draw a large number of the Bollinger band is to be more limited.

The future direction of extension of the upper and lower of the Bollinger band is in the range that can be taken of the values in the future. It you want to know is not to thing of the past, it is useful to draw a future area because is that of the future.

This indicator also draws a maximum of seven Bollinger bands in the future area.

Input parameters

  • BandsPeriod, BandsShift, BandsDeviations
    BandsPeriod of input parameters, BandsShift, BandsDeviations is a fundamental parameter of the Bollinger band. BandsPeriod is a candlestick number of the underlying, usually to set the 10 or 5. BandsShift is intended to shift the candlestick of interest, usually may remain the default of 0. BandsDeviations It is intended to define the range of upper and lower, spreads more range Increasing. Usually to set the 2.0.
  • AppliedPrice
    AppliedPrice input parameter is acquiring method of the value used for the calculation of one candlestick. The range of values is 0-6. Their meaning are as follows.
    0:CLOSE 1:OPEN 2:HIGH 3:LOW 4:MEDIAN[(high+low)/2] 5:TYPICAL[(high+low+close)/3] 6:WEIGHTED[(high+low+close+close)/4]
  • Shift
    Shift of input parameter is the Bar number to be drawn in a future area. Future area is as displayed by the "Chart Shift". In particular there is no need to change the default 50 since the future area that can be seen is limited.
  • MaxBars
    MaxBars input parameters is the maximum number of Bar to the drawing target. While the initialization is carried out when changing the periodicity, it is not beneficial to lower the response performance to calculate the old historical data never be seen most. Never degrade performance by extra calculation if to reduce the number of parameter. If you want to calculate also old past data, it becomes unlimited if to 0.
  • MultipleCsv
    MultipleCsv of input parameters can be specified up to seven at a magnification of comma-separated for BandsPeriod. If BandsPeriod: 10, MultipleCsv: 2, it is calculated using the moving average by 10 * 2 = 20 pieces of candlestick.
  • ColorCsv
    ColorCsv of input parameters can specify the color of the line of the corresponding MultipleCsv. The color names are separated by colons is due also have to accommodate the input of the RGB format.RGB format to identify the color by number from 0 to 255 separated by commas. The Red if it is to 255, 0, 0. Two of the following is the setting of the same thing.
    • LightSeaGreen:Orange:Lime:Red:Teal:DarkViolet:BlueLightSeaGreen:Orange:Lime:255,0,0:Teal:DarkViolet:0,0,255
      If the unrecognized color is specified to be displayed as a Blue.
  • IsHighlight
    The displayed by thick lines when it exceeds the upper line or lower if true setting.

Extensive use

This indicator can be run a plurality at the same time. By running the three at the same time, it is possible to draw the Bollinger bands 7 * 3 = 21. It is possible to also display a longer period of time of the Bollinger band if value cut-and-paste as a parameter, such as the following for examples.

  • example setting of Medium Term
    MultipleCsv 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36
    ColorCsv CornflowerBlue:Pink:Violet:PaleGreen:White:DeepPink:Yellow
  • example setting of Long Term
    MultipleCsv 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88
    ColorCsv MediumSlateBlue:Green:SpringGreen:Bisque:LightYellow:Gold:YellowGreen


It may not be correctly displayed there is not enough historical data for calculating a moving average.

Method of calculating the Bollinger band of this indicator is I have changed a little with the ordinary ones. This is because this method was thought to reflect a more actual situation. Therefore even when drawn multiple simultaneously by changing the period of the normal Bollinger bands is not like the drawing of this indicator.

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