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The SmartBar EA opens trades by a special time configuration of bars. This current (first) version of the EA has the firm bar configuration which in its turn has no settings.

The EA has a built-in adjustable filter (combination of SignalBar and SignalFactor) which increases reliability of signals.

The EA can be easily optimized and adjusted.

Adjustable order grid (StepNet) having a coefficient of the next lot magnification (Multiplier).

Works with a fixed lot or automatically calculates lot according to your deposit (FixedLot or RiskPercent.)

Function of stop by the balance sufficiency (combination of the StopEquity flag and RiskEquity).

Initial settings are optimized for EURUSD.z, М5 having zero spread for robotized accounts.

Optimize the EA for your broker's trading conditions before use!!!

Settings of the EA:

  • FixedLot=FALSE - enable/disable a fixed lot.
  • Lot=0.03 - fixed lot volume. Enabled if FixedLot=TRUE.
  • RiskPercent= 5.0 - percentage to calculate the lot basing on your deposit. Enabled if FixedLot=FALSE.
  • TakeProfit = 155.0 - profit size in pips.
  • StopLoss = 0.0 - level to fix losses in pips.
  • NetTrades=30 - number of orders in the grid.
  • StepNet=125.0 - step of orders in the grid (in pips)
  • Multiplier=3.0 - multiplier of the next lot in the grid.
  • StopEquity=FALSE - enable/disable loss fixation according to the deposit sufficiency.
  • RiskEquity=20.0 - percentage to calculate fixation of losses according to the deposit sufficiency. Enabled if StopEquity=TRUE.
  • SignalBar=2 - filter for signal reliability period to open positions.
  • SignalFactor=70 - filter for signal reliability level to open positions.

Mutual Configuration of Settings:

  • If Multiplier=1, martingale is disabled and volume of each following lot in the grid will be equal to initial one.
  • If Multiplier is less than 1, volume of each following lot in the grid will be decreased proportionally to this multiplier.
  • If NetTrades=0, the order grid is disabled and the EA works with one order.
  • If StopLoss = 0, orders are opened without loss limitation.


  • StopLoss is placed for each order opened by the EA on the specified level from the open price of a particular order. That is why it should be applied with a great care, as the loss can be really huge. It makes sense to use StopLoss if you work with one order, i.e. when NetTrades=0.
  • TakeProfit is calculated cumulatively for all open positions.

When an opportunity to open a new position occurs on the current bar, the order opens with the first tick of a new bar.

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