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Cluster RSI


The Cluster-RSI indicator will calculate the performance (using RSI indicator) of each currency against the 8 major currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF, JPY).

Cluster-RSI will buffer 2 lines for each currency attached to the chart. For example if we attach the indicator to EURUSD chart the indicator will draw 2 lines one for EUR and the second for USD.

Different between Normal RSI and Cluster-RSI indicator

Normal RSI indicator measures the speed and change of price movements; this is good when we apply the indicator for the stock Market or CFD as it is this stock price or CFD price is not involved in other trading symbols so when the indicator is comparing the recent average Gains to the recent average Losses to determine overbought and oversold conditions it will be easy to set up for the trade.

But in Forex Market, one Currency is involved in more than one pair to trade, so to trade with RSI it is better to get OVERALL average Gain and average losses for this currency to be able to understand overall currency performance.

Attention: This is a multiple pair indicator. To try this indicator in the Strategy Tester you will need to wait at least 1 Min for the indicator to calculate the data, in the real chart it respond very Fast.

Indicator Inputs:

  • RSIPeriod: This is the RSI value , 14 is the Default input.
  • RSI MVA Period: This is MVA Period to smooth RSI Line , 5 is the Default Input.

How to use the indicator in Trading

  1. 2 lines Crosses.
    1. For Intraday Time Frame. This is working well when we use multiple Time Frames and take the cross over in the overall Trend Direction. https://charts.mql5.com/8/365/nzdjpy-h1-forex-capital-markets-crossess.png
    2. For Daily Chart we can take the crosses in the direction of the moving average (for example when the price below 200MVA we will take the cross over and when the price is below 200MVA we will take down cross over).
  2. Overbought and oversold with Divergence: "this is working well on Daily Chart"
    1. First Line currency (Base Currency or First Currency in the symbol) is overbought.
    2. Price is making higher highs and higher lows.
    3. Second Currency Line is making Divergence.

If we are long we will exit our position, also we can wait for the next signal when First Line crosses below second line to enter short.



2015.09.22 09:29 

Hi Traders,

here I review a very good product based on clusters(I recommend studying this stuff).

It is working proper as described, if you have enough history on board(Mt4).

Support is very good and does solve your problems,if necessary.

I don´t regret buying this high quality and really cheap product.

5 Stars

Thumbs up!

This days I realised, that you can use the indicator for signals from base currencys crossing the 50 line. In comparison with the normal RSI, you get earlier trend signals.

But, still you have to look at the currencies cross eachother. In the case of base currency cross the 50 line before the currencies cross eachother, look carefully at your trade.

If the currencies cross eachother before the base currency crosses the 50 line, it would be really strong signal.

The ClusterRSI is just worth the money.