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TrenderMan is a trend following Expert Advisor based on a mid-term strategy with an advanced market exit algorithm.

The strategy has been designed for EURUSD H1.

The EA parameters are set according to the strategy, i.e. they are not optimized. However, the backtests show good results even in their current form.

You can optimize the product for other pairs and timeframes, though I work with the default parameters since 2012.


  • takeprofit - deal target in points (4 digits - 170 points, 5 digits - 1 700 points)
  • stoploss - stop loss in points
  • TrailingStop - after reaching the specified profit level in points, a deal is partially closed, while the remaining part is transferred to breakeven
  • TrailingStep - half of the remaining deal volume is closed each TrailingStep points, till the entire deal is closed.
  • period - averaging period of the built-in indicator.
  • magic - order magic number
  • MM_use - use MM when calculating the initial lot
  • start_lot, min_lot, delta - if MM_use=true, lot is calculated per each delta of the deposit - start_lot volume (for example, deposit 1 000, delta 100, start_lot 0.01. Initial lot of the deal (deposit/delta)*start_lot = 0.1 lots). If MM_use=false, the fixed volume start_lot is used.

Expert Advisor Optimization

The EA does not need optimization, though you can optimize the following parameters if necessary:

  1. takeprofit
  2. stoploss
  3. TrailingStop
  4. TrailingStep
  5. period
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