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Short Term Trader Pro

Short Term Trader Pro is an EA which is trading the small trends and turnovers on short term (more like scalping). The EA uses some indicators, tick and candlestick data from the chart to establish the signal.


  • Buy and Sell Options:
    • VolumeRisk - is the risk in percents; the risk is always the set value (default 2.5%) example: if the SL is higher the LOT will be smaller and vice versa.
    • VolumeUpperLimit - is the maximal LOT size;
    • TakeProfitPercentSL - is the TP compared to SL; The SL is generated by M5 Average True Range (ATR) and this option is to get the TP. Default 100% means the SL and TP will have the same value
  • Spread Filter: (this option is especially good on floating spread accounts).
    • High Spread (Above EA Turns OFF) - if the spread is higher than the set value the EA is turning off, and an arrow is drawn on M1 chart to show the user when was the high spread;
    • Normal Spread (Below or Equal EA Turns ON) - if the spread is below or equal the set value the EA is turning on;
    • ATR Multiplier - is the multiplier for ATR; example: if the multiplier is 10000 (that value is default), the ATR is 0.0007, the SL will be 7 pip
    • Stop Loss (Minimal) - is the minimal SL level when the EA is gonna trade; if the SL is smaller that the set amount the EA won't open any trade.
    • Stop Loss (Maximal) - is the maximal SL level when the EA is gonna trade; if the SL is greater that the set amount the EA won't open any trade. This two options is needed in the EA because ATR uses back data and on strong trends or extreme rally's can give false informations.
Note: The EA is optimized for use on EURUSD.

Good luck and profitable trades to everyone.

I also have a custom indicator for sale. The indicator can show the news events on chart. That indicator is not here on mql5.com because it uses dll imports and cannot be uploaded here. I intend to give the ex4 file as gratis for everyone who will buy this EA or sell it off mql5.com. For more information and screenshots contact me by e-mail  grajcanji@gmail.com 

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