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Quantina Intelligence iTrend Indicator 2015

Generates BUY / SELL Signals for easy to use

You do not need to read or understand market trend lines on indicator's window. Quantina iTrend Indicator shows a little red Arrow for SELL and a little green Arrow for the best BUY entry points above and under the actual candle. Indicator is not repainting the chart. Even the information panel is moved to the indicator window for comfortable use.

Inputs and Features

  • Trend Period: 24
    Used for Trading Signals only. Indicator count the previous 24 candles only for drawing charts. Intelligence Signal Alert is using a dynamic value. On lower timeframe the higher trend period is recommended.
  • Alert Limit: 30
    Used for Trading Signals. If the iTrend Indicators (different between bullish and bearish trend) green and red lines are crossing and the difference between them two is at least 30 (to avoid sideways false alerts) Indicator will show trading alert. Buy Alert if the Green line is above the red line and vice versa for Sell Alert. (Bullish value is higher than bearish value) Intelligence Signal Alert is using dinamic (automated) alert limit.
  • Scale Multiplier: 10000
    It is belonging to trading alert. It is a simple bullish and bearish (trend) value multiplier for easy settings. Default setting is for H1 Timeframes. If you change the timframe you need to change the multiplier as well. Check the trend values on your panel. If it's neccessarry adjust the Scale Multiplier or change the Alert Limit value. Video instruction is on Blog site. JPY pairs also need some adjustment. Intelligence Signal Alert has automated dinamic scale multiplier.
  • Trading Alert / Crossing Alert / Intelligence Alert: You can choose what type of alert can be displayed with sound effect. Alert types explained below.
  • Show Bullish, Bearish, Trend and Average Trend lines: For easy to analyze you can turn ON/OFF any trend lines on Indicator Window. Also you can customize any line types or colours. Video Instruction is on Blog site. Bullish and Bearish trend lines belong to the main iTrend Indicators. Trend and Average Trend Lines are used for the upgraded Quantina iTrend indicator.
  • Signal Arrows: Choose between 3 different arrows type:
    • Trading Signal Arrows: In this case indicator will show trading signals by arrows if the bullish and bearish trends are changed (crossed) and the difference between them is at least Alert Limit (30). Scale Multiplier function applied.
    • Crossing Signal Arrows: This is a basic iTrend Indicator function. In this case Quantina iTrend Indicator 2015 will show a crossing alert if the bearish and bullish lines are crossed. Simple cross doesn't mean trading signal. It could be a sideways effect only. That is why are we using Trading Signal Alert method.
    • Intelligence Signal Arrows: This is a most featured function in Quantina Intelligence iTrend Indicator 2015. In this method indicator will show trading alert if the cumulative trend lines are crossing. Indicator is using a very unique formula to determine trend direction and entry points. Intelligence Signal Arrows are not using Alert Limit or Scale Multiplier values. Quantina Intelligence iTrend indicator designed to determine the best entry points for trend following trading. It not includes the exit points. We highly recommend you to use Quantina Trade Protector EA with any indicator.
  • Buy/Sell Arrow Distance: Value in pixel. You can customize the arrows position above and under the candle. Distance is from top and bottom of the candles. Also you can change the colours as well. Indicator is not repainting the chart.

It works on every timeframe and every type of broker.

Recommended timeframe is H1 or above.

ECN/STP DD/NDD compatibility

VPS server is not necessary.

Windows and MAC compatibility (Tested with Parallel Desktop)

Not Repainting

Kazi Jakaria
2017.02.01 22:44 

Excellent Research Based Product Development Company. If you have no solution you should try them.I always recommended this company. Thanks

2016.07.14 16:42   

I have problem with the box on my indicator even though it is true, anything wrong about that why cannot see it?