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Scanner Price Action

Scanner PriceAction is a convenient indicator for tracking PriceAction patterns by selected symbols on timeframes from M15 to Weekly. You will never omit a profitable trade. You will not have to look through numerous charts trying to find a suitable pattern.

Scanner PriceAction will show you a chart and a period where one or another PriceAction set has been formed. All that is left to do is to switch to a specified symbol, size up the situation, and decide whether you want to enter the market.

The indicator is good for manual trading. It will be your right hand in trading!

Scanner PriceAction determines following patterns:

  1. Pin bar (pin)
  2. Internal bar (IB)
  3. Internal bar, engulfing (OB)
  4. Two bars with the similar Highs and low close (DBHLC)
  5. Two bars with the similar Lows and high close (DBLHC)
  6. TBL
  7. TBH

Indicator settings:

Attach the indicator to any chart and any timeframe. Correct operation does not depend on the timeframe. Specify symbols separated by commas and without suffixes in the indicator's settings (v, m, _f). Then specify a symbol's postfix in the postfix parameter, if any. Then set the color scheme of information panel.

That's all! Setting is done! Good luck in trading!

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