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Right choice

The indicator draws a line, color of which shows the trade direction. It also shows direction and strength of the trend in the upper left window of the screen.

The indicator has new logic which makes it significantly different from its analogues.

The first thing I would like to mention about the indicator is that it does not repaint its signals. I.e. if the indicator generates an entry signal, this signal will not disappear and you can enter the market without a doubt. The indicator generates signals when a candle opens.

The indicator's logic includes a lot of systems necessary for filtering false signals and receiving signals as early as possible.

One of the indicator's advantages is that apart from BUY signals (green) and SELL signals (red) it may not generate any signal at all. I.e. the indicator's line will be interrupted. Absence of a signal indicates possible trend reverse, so stay focused. It does not mean that you have to close the trade. It means that a reverse signal can be generated at the moment. But there is also a possibility that reversal will not happen and the current trend will continue. Signal absence often ends with continuation of a trend which existed when you opened your trade. We recommend not to close the current trend when an empty signal appears. But be ready to the reverse signal. The empty signal is not a signal for entry to an opposite trade! Screenshots and the video show the indicator operational principles in more details.

Indicator input parameters:

  • Sensivity - indicator period
  • Alerts - sound signal
  • EmailOn - sending an email when a signal appears
  • ShowInformation - whether to display information about trend direction and strength in the upper left corner
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