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YPY EA Tekvilidy PRO

YPY EA Tekvilidy is an innovative trading robot, performing automatic trading with real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

This expert advisor showed stable trading results during testing (99% modelling quality) for all supported instruments on the entire period of tick history (over 11 years).

Know-how of trading techniques of the YPY Tekvilidy is based on trading on the volatile market in conjunction with an automatic adaptation of the orders support system for the current price movement. Opening an order, trading system always sets Stop Loss, which doesn`t exceed the size of Take Profit.

The "PRO" version of the YPY EA Tekvilidy trading robot works on AUDUSD (М5), EURUSD (М15), GBPUSD (М15), USDCHF (M15), XAUUSD (М15). The multi-currency "PRO" version has a greater frequency of trades and more efficient than the younger free version Basic.

Advanced full-featured "PRO" & "ELITE" versions of the new hi-tech experts YPY EA Classic and YPY EA Tekvilidy are specialy designed by developers to be used in the portfolio management of large funds at the maximum achievable stability on any of the long periods of history.

Key Features

  1. Trading is fully automated.
  2. Optimization is not required.
  3. High operability, no needless setting.
  4. Intelligent automatic system of tracking open orders sets real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Fully adapted for the actual price movement.
  5. Intelligent automatic deposit load balancing which also takes into account the multi-currency trading.
  6. Intelligent spread expansion control system.

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • Lot – fixed trading lot size
  • Risk – auto lot size (overrides Lot parameter if enabled) based on equity level

If Risk=0, the automatic calculation of the lot size is disabled. For example, with Risk = 3 trading lot size is equal to 0.30 for equity size of $10,000. Size of automatically calculated lot is displayed in the EA's information window on the chart.

The maximum lot size for the online trading: 10 lots per order


  1. The product does not comply with FIFO.
  2. Requirements for the trading conditions:
    • Any broker and any account type
    • The minimum leverage is 1:50
    • Recommended deposit: $10,000 and more
  3. The YPY EA Classic and the YPY EA Tekvilidy trading robots are different, they have similar conditions of market entry, but different order opening and order maintenance systems. In order to see the difference between these EAs it is enough to compare their reports in the terminal's strategy tester.

We do not follow standard developers' practices: take money first, and only then allow you to use the software in full mode. For this reason, we published absolutely free basic versions of both advisors YPY EA Classic Basic and YPY EA Tekvilidy Basic which testing results outperform many paid advisors.


IPA Investments LTD specializes in innovations of software in the sphere of trading both for own requirements and for implementation of tasks of corporate clients.

Andrey Yakovlev
2015.07.22 18:15 

Арендовал версии PRO обоих экспертов Classic и Tekvilidy для комбинированной торговли, т.к. с первыми версиями этих продуктов хорошо знаком еще в рамках ранее проводимого бесплатного тестирования.

Чуть позже планирую также начать использовать версии ELITE.

Обращаю внимание всех пользователей, что эффективность работы этих экспертов целесообразно оценивать за продолжительный период.

Version 3.0 - 2017.02.28
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
Version 2.0 - 2016.12.14
The Expert Advisor has been adjusted to suit the current actual market.
Version 1.6 - 2016.06.10
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
All users need to download the updated version.
Version 1.5 - 2016.04.07
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
All users need to download the updated version.
Version 1.4 - 2016.04.01
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
All users need to download the updated version.
This updated version trades four instruments - EURUSD (M15), GBPUSD (M15), USDCHF (M15), AUDUSD (M5)
Version 1.2 - 2015.12.23
Optimized for the new build of the terminal.
Version 1.1 - 2015.08.07
The EA has been optimized for the new build of the terminal.