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Gap Filler

This EA trades when a gap between two periods is formed. These gaps are quite common and price tends to fill the space between them.

This is a high risk strategy because no stop losses are used, instead the maximum holding period can be specified in the EA's parameters.


  • Magic Number: EA's magic number
  • Slippage: slippage.
  • BalanceCSV: Set to "true" and every month the EA will create or update a CSV file that contains the account balance of each month since the EA started (this is usefull for backtesting purposes).
  • FileNameCSV: the name of the CSV file.
  • RateOfChange: This number is the step in the account balance that will increment the trade volume in 0.01 lots (for example: if set to 25, the EA will trade 0.01 lots for every 25 USD in the account balance. So if the account has 100 USD, the lot size would be 0.04).
  • GapMinimum: This is the minimum amount of points between the last extreme price and the current opening price that will be consedered a gap (for example: if set to 50 the EA would trade only the gaps that are 5 pips or larger).
  • NumberOfHoldingDays: This is the number of days the EA will hold the position before the gap is filled. If the gap is not filled before the specified time the EA will close the position regardless of the profit or loss (note: this parameter can be set to fractional days, if set to 0.5 the EA would hold the postions for half a day (12 hours)).
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