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Double marty Triple pairs


Double martingale working on 3 currency pairs. The Expert Advisor is based on mathematics, thus it practically doesn't use indicators. True trends are determined using the built-in mechanism and some adjustment possibilities.

The Expert Advisor should be run on USDJPY H4. Default work pairs: AUDJPY, USDJPY, CHFJPY.

For the correct operation you should keep the default settings. It is recommended that the initial deposit in the settings is the same with the initial deposit for real trading. It is also recommended to have it no less than 50 000.

The Expert Advisor didn't have much history optimization. It is intended for working on Japanese currency pairs.

Extended settings allow adjusting it to almost any currency pair.

Settings for Testing

  • Server - MetaQuotes-Demo;
  • Symbol - USDJPY;
  • Period - H4 (2003.03.01 - 2013.05.10);
  • Leverage - 1:500.

Input Parameters for Testing

symb1=AUDJPY magic=7639376 anmar3=2
symb2=USDJPY mult1=18.7 korr1=2.2
symb3=CHFJPY mult2=12.5 korr2=28.4
profit1=120 mult3=6.6 korr3=1
profit2=350 slip=5 shag1=18
profit3=620 svnach1=5 shag2=3
loss1=2360 svnach2=8 shag3=0
loss2=3200 svnach3=13 mmz=0.01
loss3=2880 anmar1=0.2 startbal=50000
minlot=0.01 anmar2=2
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