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Market Heart Beat

Please, try in the strategy tester first! I don't want bad reviews ;)

Don't use dates older than one month. It may not work correctly.

Note that this indicator is intended for scalping, so for example, on M30 you should expect TakeProfit 20 pips.

If You have any questions, please contact me.

Market Heart Beat

I think, this is my best indicator yet. It is aimed to scalping, but it can show you actual trend pretty well. You don't have to set anything - it works on all instruments.

How to read it

If there is strong probability of starting a new trend, the high peak with green/red signal arrow is shown.

For BUY signal, the line goes down (under zero). For SELL signal, the line goes up (above zero).

But it can be also a start of new long-term trend. If the trend is likely to continue, indicator line stays slightly above/under the zero.

Look on screenshots!

Why the name?

The final layout reminds me of electrocardiogram, so I thought, it would be very good name, that can be remembered

Hey, can i try it live?

Some of You wanted demo version of my indies, but I can not provide it here. Anyway, you still have the possibility to contact me.

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