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El Awamy Smart EA

El Awamy Smart EA is based on Elawamy Smart indicator with some new improvements to get the best result with minimum risk. Also, it can detect the trend from the beginning and avoid sideway market.

  • You can start with balance of (100) USD and (0.01) lots
  • Smart entry and smart exit
  • Best result on M15 timeframe
  • Stop loss is 20 pips and take profit is 20 pips
  • Time filter, trailing stop and step, breakeven


  • Lot - initial lot
  • StopLoss - stop loss in pips
  • TakeProfit - take profit in pips
  • CloseOppositeSignal - if true, the EA closes the current opened trade if an opposite signal appears
  • TrailingStop - stop loss moves after the difference between the order open price and the current price is equal to the trailing stop value
  • UseTimeFilter - if true, the EA activates the time filter
  • StartHour - EA start hour
  • EndHour - EA end hour
  • BreakEven - same as trailing stop but the stop loss moves only one time
  • movestopto - how many pips the EA locks after profit
  • MagicNumber - should be changed for every chart you use the EA on
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