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MultiMode Smoothed Oscillator

This is a set of 5 indicators (oscillators) with the possibility of smoothing (26 modes to choose from) and displaying the growth and decrease of values in different colors.

  • OscMode - select the initial indicator/oscillator from the five ones: CCI, DeMarker, RSI, MFI and WPR,
  • PeriodOsc - initial indicator calculation period,
  • PriceOsc - calculation price (this parameter is relevant only to CCI and RSI in the initial version),
  • PeriodSm - smoothing period,
  • ModeSm - smoothing mode (find out the full list of versions here),
  • ArrowUp - arrow code for growing values,
  • ArrowDn - arrow code for decreasing values,
  • DrawOriginalOscLine - enable/disable the line of the original indicator values,
  • DrawBackSmLine - enable/disable additional display of smoothed values as a line,
  • Precision - indicator precision after a decimal point.
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