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Heartbeat MT5

You can get notifications to your phone from time to time. You do not have to worry about server being out of order or about MetaTrader not working.

Input Parameters

  • Heartbeat (default: Disabled) – how often a message should be sent to your phone.

  • Notification (default: "MT5 is working on @A") – message content. Wildcards:

    1. "@A": Account Number (e.g: "MT5 is working on @A")
    2. "@B": Account Balance (e.g: "Balance: @B on @A")
    3. "@E": Account Equity (e.g: "Balance: @E on @A")
    4. "@S": Symbol (e.g: "Expert is working on @S")
    5. "@T": Time Frame (e.g: "Expert is working on @S (TimeFrame: @T)")

  • Control Panel (default: True) – define if the panel is visible or not

  • Status (default: True) – status of the indicator: visible or not (bottom right of the chart)

  • Status Color (default: Black) – color of a status text


  • Hide the panel: Shift+H
  • Show the panel: Shift+S


  • MetaTrader 4 or 5 application on you phone.
  • MetaTrader 5 Build 1035 or higher on your computer.
  • Set these on your computer in MetaTrader:
    1. Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> check in 'Enable Push Notifications'.
    2. Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> set your 'MetaQuotes ID'
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