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This is a trend-following Expert Advisor that works well on USDJPY; it uses ADXW & Stochastic in different timeframes.

Input Parameters:

  • InpAdxPeriod - period of ADX Wilder;
  • InpStoPeriod - K period of Stochastic;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit value for each open position in pips;
  • Signal1_timeframes - timeframes for the ADX Wilder signals;
  • Signal2_timeframes - timeframes for the Stochastic signals;
  • Maximum Risk in percentage - money management option;
  • Decrease factor - money management option.

All the default values are optimized for USDJPY in 2013. You may try others pairs with JPY or something else, but only God knows what are the best values in the future.

Additional Information:

  • YEXS will stop opening position if the balance drops below 50% of the maximum balance in history.
  • For each trade, there is a trailing stop value set on the basis of the SAR indicator.
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