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The RightDirection indicator is a great tool and assistant in trend following trading. It showed itself to good advantage when working together with other indicators which generate signals about entry and exit points in the direction of movement. It stands out among other trend indicators due to smooth processing peaks and valleys and absence of spikes and redrawing. It also has multi timeframe function, which has a positive impact on convenience of usage and quality of signals in the global trend direction of higher timeframes. Recommended to be used on synthetic Renko charts.


  • TimeFrame – timeframe the indicator values are derived from. You can use any timeframe depending on your trading style (values: M1-1, M5-5, M15-15, M30-30, H1-60, H4-240, D1-1440, W1-10080; MN-43200);
  • Lenght– length of the average price measurement period.
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