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30 - 80 USD
I have an MT5 EA that creates a custom report in the 'old' MT4 format. The report is custom because trades are filtered out, based on various criteria and conditions, the code is finished and fully working as I need.  I want to add about 4 to 6 bar/pie charts to show graphically some of the results, and also add a "pair summary table" at the end after the graphs, showing all the pairs traded and their sums (lots...
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Experts Scripts Custom graphics 2018.02.16
30 - 50 USD
Currently, most breakeven tools and take profit tools are a too general. I need something more specific so that I do not have to keep entering the same number ever single time. (1) After I enter the market manually, to have two tools made that will both have automatic breakeven level and a specific exit level.  I use the Fibonacci tool as a convenient way to calculate my break-even level and take profit level. (2)...
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Indicators Scripts 2018.02.16
50 - 500 USD
Seeking a developer to assist in getting an external price feed (not provided via mt4 broker) into mt4, hoping to use  Kraken, bittrex, binance etc API's for price feed into mt4 I can currently get a historical price feed, but unfortunately that doesn't work with my indicators. Not looking to be able to make trades, just looking for a live price feed to use MT4's charting. If someone can deliver my vision, happy to...
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Scripts Converting OpenCL ALGLIB Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL R Python HTML Options Product Design Text translation 2018.01.30
30 - 50 USD
If 1 MIN Chart  MACD >0 and RSI >70 and  5 MIN Chart  MACD >0 and RSI >70 and  15 MIN Chart  MACD >0 and RSI >70 and  30 MIN Chart  MACD >0 and RSI >70 and  Then ALERT  "BUY SIGNAL"
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Indicators Scripts 2018.01.29
30 - 50 USD
I need an adx indicator with these settings: 1) it should work on M30, H1, H4, D time frame 2) It should be multicurrency so I just attach it to once chart and it start monitoring and alerting on all currency pairs or best is if can detect all the enabled symbols/pair in market watch window in mt4. 3) It also alert us in all currency pairs in M30,H1, H4, D time frame when ADX crosses the 20 line which tells us...
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Indicators Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging 2018.01.23