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I want youto create an indicator or script dashboard that will monitor an ea attached to achart so that any time the ea opens trades the indicator or script will pickthe trades from the open trades terminal and use them to generate visual andaudile alert such that whenever or anytime a trade is opened for example : If it identifiesan open trade example Buy AUDUSD , then Script or indicator will generate of  BUY...
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Indicators Scripts Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Text writing 2018.10.20
30 - 200 USD
Need to copy the trades and orders generated by expert advisors from my MT4 platform to Etoro broker.  Etoro offers a trading API (). This could be used to make the connection to their propietary web platform.  If the programer considers there is a more stable and faster way to do it then I'm open to suggestions.
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Scripts Integration C++ C# JavaScript PHP Python Uploading data to a website 2018.10.16
50 - 300 USD
hi  need a ea or robot eventually but first i need to backtest in mtrader to see it matches my manual backtesting results  need a simple breakout strategy but will need tweaking later on so someone experienced in systems trading and testing is what I'm looking for  entry price on break of 1st 5min opening bar  targeting bar length or x2 bar length  (5min timeframe ) stop to even if price gets within 2pips of...
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Experts Scripts 2018.10.15
100 - 200 USD
floating charts of mt5 so that i can use multi monitor setup for mt5 linked between floating charts..so that i can change script of all charts together there must be option to link floating charts together
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Scripts Consultation 2018.10.14
30 - 40 USD
am looking for someone to convert the half trend indicator in its current form to work in tradingview interactive charts. It should have an alert function too. I know there is a basic code for it related to emas and rsi crossover but I assume the entire code explains the rules clearly as it is a public use indicator. Please find the halftrend attached Thanks
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Scripts Integration 2018.10.11
30+ USD
Hi Team I require a script that can execute the following functions at the click of the BUY/SELL button. - An option to execute multiple trades in a single click. - An option to automatically execute a predetermined SL and or TP based on the pips I enter. - An option to input my position size amount. For Example SL - 10 pips Position Size - 0.317. I want to execute trades based on multiples of 5 so either 5...
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Scripts Other Panels and dialog boxes C++ C# Java JavaScript SQL MySQL Python Forex Text writing 2018.10.11
50+ USD
I would like to develop a EA based on market profile based strading system.  below is the link of the indicator.  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/3033 EA programme functions 1) EA to place Buy Stop XX  pips above { pips should be editable in the ea} the a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h session TPO. 2) EA to place Sell Stop xx pips below ( pips should be editable in the ea } the a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h session TPO. 3) Trail stop...
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Experts Scripts 2018.10.03
100 - 1000 USD
Hi there, so far I have been disappointed with people providing EAs either blowing accounts or not being reliable as pretended. I am looking for the most stable EA ever built, because I am looking forward to put in a lot of money. Here are some criteria : * 10 to 20% monthly. * Maximum 1 - 5% as monthly drawdown. * Aged 2 years minimum with verified results on a real trackable account. * Trading high volatility...
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Experts Scripts 2018.09.27
50 - 100 USD
I need an adjustable trailing stop loss that will be applied to my open orders and if stop loss is hit will close pending buy/sell stops for the currency pair being traded. I also need it to automatically place pending buy/sell stop orders with predetermined SL and PT.  Example: I manually enter a Long Position on the EurUSd at 1.2050 with a lot size of 1.00 and a stop loss of 10 pips and take profit 30 pips I...
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Scripts Translation 2018.09.26