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40 - 70 USD
Hi guys i need a developer that understands the forex market to help me code a robot that works with multiple timeframe and my custom indicators.The developer must be very sharp to understand my logic and also a very fast developer
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Smart Trailing EA based on EMAs (personal job)
300+ USD
The EA must allow for 5 trades to be made at specific times of the day. Each position opening is based on a threshold evaluation that is stablished at the begining of each trade. The SL is applied based on the second to last level of resistance when the position is opened. The TP is executed at the second crossing of two out of three EMAs. The third EMA is used for a coindition to avoid the opening of a position for
50+ USD
Hello I’m looking for an ea that that places buy/sell limit order on the big round numbers. E.g eur/usd 1.10,1.15,1.20,1.25. Once price hits these levels then a new buy/sell is placed on the round number above/below theses levels. So if EUR/USD hits 1.20 and I get a trade, then the next trade is either 1.15 or 1.25. I would like options for stop loss, take profit, break even, split orders, max spread and max number
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MQL5 Experts
40+ USD
N eed a trade manager EA that can close 50% of the position in profit based on SL distance and at the same time instantly move SL to Breakeven. - The partial close profit trigger should be in percentage or IN ratios and also adjustable on the inputs (eg 0 -100% or 1:1,2,3 R), - 2 Partial close points in percentage or RR and also adjustable on the inputs (eg 0 -100% or 1:1,2,3 R), - Sl line on chart should be able to
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Expert Advisor MACD (personal job)
35+ USD
All the functionS have to be editable and can be enabled/disabled 1% of the balance with position size calculator Buy Setup: Price above the 200EMA (close candle) MACD Crossover below the 0 line (FAST EMA 12/SLOW EMA 26/MACD SMA 9) (Crossover = MACD line cross Above the Signal line) Start to looking for Buy opportunity If the RSI (14 period) cross above 50 (have to wait) or is already above 50 > Open Buy If the MFI
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MQL5 Experts Forex
150+ USD
Good day Can please design for me a Trading news EA that will be based on Pending orders (BUY STOP and SELL STOP) and Market executions Please design the MT5 and MT4 version The News trading robot or Expert Advisor (EA) that is based on a well-known trading strategy called “the straddle trading strategy” combined with market execution. Straddling is described as a method of simply placing two pending orders before
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 100 USD
I need a developer who can help me code a EA trading bot that scans and find trade setup with entry, SL and TPs provided. The trading strategy involve following the market trend, application of market structures, patterns and use of engulfing and rejection candle in entry, identify channel and trend. Selected Developer will be shown the strategy via Zoom
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MQL5 Experts
50 - 100 USD
This trading robot will execute trades based on the movement of market structure in 3 different time frames. The Higher timeframe condition needs to be met first, when that happens, The Middle timeframe condition is now considered. When that condition is met, The Lower timeframe condition is now considered. If the condition in the lower timeframe is met, then the robot executes the trade based on the trade management
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 400 USD
I'm looking for a quote initially to have 4 EA's built that will trade simple strategies at the european open. The instructions are based on opening price between pivot levels. They have a simple Entry, TP and SL. On one index market. To activate the strategies the EA will have filters based on the previous day, day of the week and pivot points. If you need more information please contact me
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MQL4 Experts
30 - 50 USD
Hello Everyone, I am seeking for serious and immediately available Programmers to create an Expert advisor for me on MT4. I want to create a robot that will make use of the first candle (after installation) to project for future BUYs and SELLs using the Highest and Lowest Prices of the candlestick of the timeframe selected. The concept will consider LOWEST and HIGHEST PRICE positions and then take Actions by BUYING
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MQL4 Experts C++ Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL Python Forex
30 - 100 USD
Looking to work with a professional developer to create an EA for MT5 for Boom and Crash and VIX Assets under Binary.com. Trading logic is mainly to identify trade opportunity by completing the selected checklist of indicators including EMA, Bollinger Bands, RSI levels and candle-stick, trend change confirmation pattern and trade with key entry and exit strategies. EA will need to draw key levels line or zone and
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 200 USD
I have a strategy I need someone able to create an ea base on my strategy and this ea can be working on mt5 and mt4 ea will follow simple rules looking for someone that will make it with no bugs
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
Hi iam using blessing EA,its a free public EA.i have optimised it and also use as semi-automatic ,it opens limit order as a next order but sometimes it doesnt place any limit order thats why i have to check it after 1 or 2 hrs..need help to check for any problems
100+ USD
develop a server that can license an EA before sending it out or prepare line of code that i will always add to the raw file of EA, indicators etc inorder to ensure it works only in a certain account. Software to license Robots, EA's And Indicators to enable me give out my tools per individual without prohibited copying
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