Consultation and documentation needed for trading scripts and custom web app

2019.03.17 Design Consultation


I am looking for an expert who specialised with trading view API, also has knowledge of utilising pine scripts or converting script into other languages and then use trading view chart to create a custom web app that will display on the signals or strategeis generated by the script. I need consultation and documentation for this project

I want to achieve the following:

1. Write technical document for developers after necessary research

2. How to use a pine script and trading view API which will be used to develop a custom web app.

3. The pine script generates signals, we want to extract this data and then add it on another web interface to display it in user friendly manner. 

From what i understood that with trading view you can't do the following:

1. not able to pull price feed of currency pairs, you will have to use your own

2. Pine script only works on trading view website, but you can't directly have this installed on custom web app and use API of trading view to intergrate it

3. So i f we can't use pine scripts on our custom web app than assuming we need to covert our existing pine script strategies into python or other languages? need a scalable solution here

Project information

200 - 500 USD
from 1 to 10 day(s)


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