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Customer 2018.01.12 10:56 45 - 65 USD   to 8 day(s)


there is a dashboard on a major discussion-platform which is freely available for everyone (.ex4 file), but it lacks of automatisation; I would like to have that dashboard coded (duplicated) in a way so I can select between automated trading (EA) and manual (db delivers signal).

All informations come for those who are being chosen for step 2.

For now:

First of all, it shall be able to start and trade within a defined timeperiod; from x hrs/mins to y hrs/mins (related to mt4 time).
The dashboard shall integrate the 28 main currency pairs by default (but shall also leave an input for selecting other symbols from Market Watch).
The db shall have an integrated currency strength meter for the 8 main currencies (EUR, USD, JPY, AUD, CHF, GBP, NZD, CAD) plus, if possible, for more... [option to select; minor currencies, crypto-currencies, commodities, indices]
After main parameters have occured [...] the db shall have the option to decide to take a trade or give a signal when the trade-direction is correct with strength of currency.
(for ex. db detects buying signal for 3 currency pairs from EUR > EUR/USD, EUR/GBP & EUR/JPY >> then EUR has to be moving upwards in strength-meter) - short vise versa. (As said, the strength-meter shall only be an option the db has to obey when switched on).


IndicatorsExperts, MQL4

Developer 2018.01.12 13:45
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Developer 2018.01.12 11:03
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