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Customer 2017.09.13 08:22 30+ USD

I have two ea and I need following update for them:

Body percentage ea:

 up and down trend is defined on when a bar close above or below ma

order are executed when the new bar reach % of the previous bar

issue: order  issue

need to remove tp at bar close and break even at bar close  for the second lot

need to add a noral tailing stop and strailing start with breakeven

Zigzag EA with osma 

this ea execute order when osma reach certain level when sigzag line has closed

I need to execute order when sizgag line is close and osma level is reach and increasing it level based on previous level

I will send details to selected freelancer

Experts, MQL4

Developer 2017.09.13 08:29
Published 1 code in Library
Jobs: 818 (61% personal)
Arbitration: 89 (completed in favor of the developer 30%, canceled in favor of the customer 39%)
Overdue: 230 (28%)

Developer 2017.09.13 15:41
Published 5 codes in Library
Jobs: 127 (43% personal)
Arbitration: 9 (completed in favor of the developer 22%, canceled in favor of the customer 77%)
Overdue: 49 (38%)

Developer 2017.09.16 14:56
Jobs: 79 (17% personal)
Arbitration: 12 (completed in favor of the developer 16%, canceled in favor of the customer 50%)
Overdue: 21 (26%)

Developer 2017.09.13 08:29
Published 3 codes in Library
Jobs: 6 (33% personal)
Overdue: 2 (33%)
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