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Customer 2016.12.02 11:33 50 USD   from 3 to 7 day(s)

The goal of this job is to backtest newest version of the EA using tick data from Dukascopy and provide the test results. The test period is EURUSD 2014-2016 (all years together or separately).

The job involves converting the CSV tick data into FXT/HST formats and test it under MT4 with spread 10 and 20.

Job completed in 20 days. The portfolio of Andrew Gomanchuk contains 2 finished jobs. This developer received 2 feedbacks with an average rate of 5.00.
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: Great developer, hope to work with him again.
Andrew Gomanchuk

Andrew Gomanchuk 2016.12.02 14:33 50 USD     to 5 day(s)
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