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Customer 2016.11.30 14:23 78 USD   from 1 to 5 day(s)


as we agreed, please review the last code so we can upgrade it to MT5 where is possible to use the mini contracts from BMF-IBOVESPA Brazil (WINZ16, WINV16, etc...). 


Job completed in 7 days. The portfolio of Satyam Shivam contains 182 finished jobs. This developer received 105 feedbacks with an average rate of 4.68.
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Satyam Shivam

Satyam Shivam 2016.11.30 14:42 78 USD     from 5 to 10 day(s)
Published 1 code in Library
Jobs: 182 (43% personal)
Arbitration: 75 (completed in favor of the developer 14%, canceled in favor of the customer 46%)
Overdue: 57 (31%)
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