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Customer 2016.11.29 01:42 10 USD   1 day(s)
[28.11.2016 г. 13:27:12] ivaylomp: Basically if the hedging is enabled Stop Loss can't work
[28.11.2016 г. 13:27:38] ivaylomp: so can we add an option to close all at some point
[28.11.2016 г. 13:28:07] ivaylomp: for example now we have option how many times to hedge and then it stops which is a great option
[28.11.2016 г. 13:28:58] ivaylomp: but it will then keep all open until it goes to the TP or if not until the account blow
[28.11.2016 г. 13:29:43] ivaylomp: so can we have in the hedging section option to close all at step X
[28.11.2016 г. 13:29:51] ivaylomp: or a certain level
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