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Customer 2016.11.28 21:50
I'm a spread better, and I'm with IG as a broker and use MT4.

I spend my days looking at the M1 chart, and then flicking through the M5, M15 and M30.

There are two parts to this job:

1.  What I would like to do is have the STO. and the RSI on the M1 chart, but with the M5, M15 and M30 also viewable.  Please view the attached .png file for further clarification.

2.  I would also like the above to work on previous bars, is there a way where I can drag a vertical line or something that will dictate what part of the M1, M5, M15 and M30 is shown on the M1 screen?

If you can help, please do get in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Taras Slobodyanik

Taras Slobodyanik 2016.11.28 22:25
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Sajjad Mohammad Nezhad Aghdam

Sajjad Mohammad Nezhad Aghdam 2016.11.28 22:12
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Sekineh Gholamtabarzavardehi

Sekineh Gholamtabarzavardehi 2016.11.30 12:48
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