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Customer 2016.11.28 03:17 10 - 20 USD   from 1 to 2 day(s)

DLL to Communicate with two or more terminals

 I need read or get Account Balance for terminal one in terminal two AND terminal two in terminal one

this DLL.cpp 

#include "stdafx.h"
#pragma data_seg(".ESC_SHARED")

double first (double one) {return one;}
double second (double two) {return two;}

#pragma data_seg()
#pragma comment(linker,"/SECTION:.ESC_SHARED,RWS")

in mq4

#import "DLL_EA.dll"
double first (double one);
double second (double two);

 in terminal #1


 in terminal #2


I put the dll file in folder C:\Windows it work but 

How can (send) (pass) these value throw dll file to read it from dll file

Experts, MQL4

Developer 2016.11.28 18:40
Jobs: 24 (41% personal)
Arbitration: 3 (completed in favor of the developer 33%, canceled in favor of the customer 0%)
Overdue: 6 (25%)
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