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Customer 2016.11.28 02:14 10 - 30 USD   from 1 to 2 day(s)


I have an indicator which gives me signals. I want to build an EA with that. This is for Binary Options. Whenever there's an arrow, i want it to take the trade in the next candle, if that loses, take one immediately after that and so on for how many ever times i want it to (point 6). It should also martingale  per trade. 


1. If previous candle has an arrow then we enter current candle with expiartion=timeframe of chart. If trade loses we open new trade right on the next candle
And we repeat this how many ever times we want. 
2. Set percentage per day for profit. If the goal is reached no trading anymore for that day
3. We can change the time frame for the trades.
4. The number of currencies we want it to work with. It should be entered in one pair or chart and work with all pairs.
5. Feature to allow multiple accounts to work with the EA

6. Able to set the number of candles to chase in case of a loss, ex:- if first is a loss, we can ask the next 6 to be chased etc...

7. We can set the % per trade or lot. Which ever we want.

8. Total number of loses or wins per currency to be displayed.


I will pay only via skrill, please let me know if anyone can do it. 

Arkadii Zagorulko

Arkadii Zagorulko 2016.11.28 13:51
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Piotr Storozenko

Piotr Storozenko 2016.11.28 10:10
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