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Customer 2016.11.20 18:43 20 - 70 USD   from 1 to 5 day(s)

Hi Alexander

S‌ee what you think of this and let me know if can be done.

I have 3 MT4 indicators (Attached)

Which are fed with data from the COTMetatrader.bin file

The .bin file takes the data from commitments of traders and feeds the indicators.

The way it supposed to work is:

1. download file from each Friday.  launch browser, go to set location, save as. 

2. open a spreadsheet in MS Excel and run a macro -  wait for it to process. 

3. open your trading platform to create the bin file.


the issue that I have is that I could not get all this to work on a win7 or later computer.


I need this to work as per the above

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