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Customer 2016.11.15 19:42 20 USD   from 3 to 5 day(s)

Right now this ea has one parameter for number of orders on one side. I need this broken in 2 namely

1) number of orders at start (buy/sell)

2) number of orders to fill in as market moves.

Right now, if I select 30, it will create 30 orders right away and fill in 30 as the market moves. I want to be able to say create 1 order at start above or below the market and fill in 10 as the market moves


There is also a parameter called orders direction. I want this direction to be automatically determined using 2 separate sets of rsi parameters, one for opening the trades and the other for closing.


Buy RSI from

Buy RSI to

Sell RSI from

Sell RSI to

Close Buy RSI from

Close Buy RSI to

Close Sell RSI from

Close Sell RSI to 

 2 Separate RSI periods  one for opening trades (both buy and Sell) and one for closing trades (both buy and sell). RSI values to apply are close of period numbers.

 The ea needs to close all trades and orders on signal change

Also when trades are stopped, they should not be replaced.


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