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Customer 2016.11.15 01:26 10 - 25 USD   from 5 to 10 day(s)

I would like an EA and Indicator created based on CCI and RSI for Binary Options.

1. It should work on any time frames,

2. work on multiple currencies at the same time,

3. option to alert, option to email,

4. ability to set the price on each signal,

5. be able to set timeframes for the signals to be executed and link to news timeframes.

6. place all of the necessary checks, restore normal operation after a connection failure, add a few attempts to open a position with an error

7. Be able to delay for 'x' minutes should you lose a trade,

8. Option for Martingale.

I will provide some screenshots and settings to make it more clear. 




Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.11.15 08:32
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AUDJPYM1.png 93 kb
rsi_swing4.png 100 kb
input_cci.PNG 22 kb
Nesimeye Oswald

Nesimeye Oswald 2016.11.15 04:59
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