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Customer 2016.10.19 08:48 10 - 30 USD   from 1 to 14 day(s)

Project: Simple Candle ATR Stop




The objective of this project is to update the Simple Candle project and amend:

- the EA

- the Buy/Sell Indicator

The project will add a new stop facility using ATR

Stop Parameter settings

The current stop settings use the Hedge which you created in another job, we will add another stop method using ATR.

One will exclude the other.

The default ATR will be 3 but this must be parametrised.


Full Requirements

New STOP facility

1.Please add a new STOP facility using ATR

2.If the ATR stop is selected, then the hedge stop facility must be disabled.

3. The ATR will obviously move as the price moves and assuming the price moves to the upside I would like to draw a line on the stop point.



Version Control

Can we create a new version of the EA and Indicator so that I can distinguish them from previous versions



You can put your details as having developed the Indicator and EA but I need to see my name Paul Langham from EXACT TRADING as being the person for whom the code was developed.


Project Duration

The project will last two weeks in total. After the first week can you please deliver the code for me to test and in the second week I will run a test. If bugs are found during the test period, then the code must be debugged and code repaired.


Project Delivery

The code will be delivered at the end of the first week


Project Testing

Can you also please deliver at the end of the first week the results of an MT4 back test for two currency pairs using tick data, not one-minute data, just to see the initial results. The one-hour time frame could be used.

I request this as I often have issues back testing on MT4

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