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Customer 2016.10.19 01:18 < 50 USD   from 2 to 7 day(s)

I am looking for someone to create an expert adviser in MQL5. It is a volatility algorithm where which ever way the market goes it makes a profit. I want to implement just long trades at first using USD/JPY 1 hour chart. (Bonus for implementing short trades.) And I use MACD crossover from negative to positive to open position. (I open position on after the close of the first positive bar- second positive candle). I have included the strategy in its entirety with pictures. I want to back test it in Meta trader 5 so make sure it will back test a years worth of data. This has to be a working expert advisor. I will negotiate price upon receiving the algorithm since this may be somewhat compex. Notice I want notes put into the code So i may make changes. Thank You

Hello Freelancers October 18,2016

 I want to create an automated expert advisor in Meta Trader 5.The strategy I want to implement is similar to an existing strategy. (4X DAT – Joseph Nameth) It profits when the underlying trading ticker goes up or down a predetermined amount of points. Which ever way the market goes this algorithm will profit or at least break even.

What? Long/short when MACD (12,26,9) crosses 0 line negative to positive (long) or positive to negative for short. Enter position on second MACD bar from crossover because the first or open MACD bar fluxuates. Note this expert advisor may be just for long trades. Bonus if you can implement short trades.

When? Open positions only the Trade Time 4AM- 12 PM Eastern Time Zone

What? USD/JPY 1 hour chart

Trade Entry -

  • Enter Long 1 mini lot (the position sizing are a ratio/proportion to eachother) position, set target at 600 points higher.

  • If it does not reach that long target short 1.4 mini lot at 200 points lower than entry cover both at short target 600 points lower than that entry.

  • If that short target is not hit than enter 1 long at origional long area with target at 600 points higher.

  • This will continue until a target is reached.

  • If enter long and target is 600 pips then the next short will be 200 pips lower than that entry at 600 pip target. This will be a ratio of 3:1

  • Stay In trade/ keep trading until target is reached. It shouldnt go more than 7 times back and forth.

  • One Position open at a time.

Position Sizing

  • I want to do regular Mode no hedging where the algorithm is only net long or short not both.

  • 1 lot = 25% of account For example Account size = $10,000 1 lot = $2500, 1.4 lot = $3500, 1.9 lot = $4750

  • Lot sizes chart below.

  • Leverage up to 10:1 backtest live 2:1

 My email is I would like to integrate this into quant connect which uses C# in meta trader 5 if possible. Thank You

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