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Customer 2016.10.18 18:48 10 - 15 USD   from 1 to 2 day(s)

Indicator and screenshot attached. I am looking for a programmer to create an expert from the source code of this indicator

You could also program EA without the use of indicator like this: 
The level could be the Higher High or Lower low of last X candles

If the indi is used then it works like a basic support and resistance indicator for higher high or lower lows.

Variables include: number of levels back to place a limit sell, virtual limit buy, buy stop, limit buy, virtual limit sell or sell stop at either Support or Resistance.
Offset the order entry by a positive or negative integer. Use basic money management. Take Profit, Stop Loss. Trailing Stop. Breakeven. Backstep levels
magic number, minimum candles on either side of S and R to define valid level. Use an optional reverse order setting for old levels.

More details for programmer.

Thank you
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Reza John Niazi

Reza John Niazi 2016.10.18 19:21
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