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o22y 2016.10.17 14:58 < 200 USD   to 10 day(s)


I want to communicate between NeuroShell and MetaTrader 5

there are two tools to do that, provided by Wards System : DataPump and TradePump (Interop ActiveX DLLs)

Datapump gets quote, prices, volumes from MT5 DLL and send them to Neuroshell

TradePump sends orders from Neuroshell to the MT5 DLL

I need two things : 

1 - Using DataPump, i need to send the informations (price, volumes) from the MT5 DLL to Neuroshell

2 - Using TradePump, I need to send orders, and informations like the trade duration and the trade amount to the broker which I choose ( so there will be multiple brokers on MT5 list )

So the scheme is :

Neuroshell -> TradePump -> DLL -> MT5

Neuroshell<- DataPump <- DLL <- MT5


 I need to import historical CSV data file into MT5 as we used to do it through history center in MT4.

Following import of the file, MT5 live data feed should write current data at the end of this imported CSV file and need to be creating a new file including existing data and the historical one.


I would preferably need this to be done in C++

Yaroslav Krasovsky

Yaroslav Krasovsky 2016.10.17 18:21
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