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Customer 2016.10.17 14:27 10 - 20 USD   from 10 to 30 day(s)

Hello Garik,

I would like to ask you to modify the PP-Pending for me. I understand, that you have not much time at the moment, so I selected a broader time period to finish the job.

Since it is just a modification in the Pivot-Period from D1 to H4, there might be not so much things to change. 

This EA  should have only H4-Pivot-Periods, not including the D1 Period.

The specifiations are as follows:

1. opening of Pending-Orders above and below the H4-Pivot Point.

2. The settings in parameter are basically the same as before: start-time of the day, stop-time of the day, Lot, Range, TP, SL,  max_daily-Saldo, max_daily-Loss.

3. With the beginning of every new 4-hour period, a new Pivot-Pending order will be opened.

4. Open Trades and Pending Orders will be closed after 4-hours period is finished.

5. Magic Numbers


I will attach  the visual concept. 

I hope you find some time to do this  job for me.

Thank you very much




Garik Petrosyan

Garik Petrosyan 2016.10.17 20:18 20 USD
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Arbitration: 16 (completed in favor of the developer 18%, canceled in favor of the customer 37%)
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