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Ivaylo Petkov
Ivaylo Petkov 2016.10.16 15:54 100 USD   from 4 to 5 day(s)
1. I want 2 activities on the existing EA:
a) Improvement 1
b) Improvement 2
2. New EA This new EA is the same like the existing one in its first part We are looking for a zigzag. The difference is that we are not looking for the first and the only one bar that closed above the previous high, we may have more (additional) bars (same colors) that close above the previous high (in leg 3). So all the 3 legs may consist of 1 or more bars. Then we want to see reversal of 1, 2 or 3 bars but not more. After this retracement, we want to have only one opposite bar (opposite of the retracement) that hits the closing of the last bar of leg 3 but closes below the previous bars highs (tails). These are the requirements and then we open opposite trade of the last bar and take profit on the level of the same bar’s opening.
Job completed in 5 hours. The portfolio of Hooshang Nosratpanah contains 1720 finished jobs. This developer received 665 feedbacks with an average rate of 4.93.
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: Amazing like always
Hooshang Nosratpanah

Hooshang Nosratpanah 2016.10.16 15:56
Jobs: 1720 (78% personal)
Arbitration: 83 (completed in favor of the developer 28%, canceled in favor of the customer 39%)
Overdue: 30% (529)
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