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Customer 2016.10.14 16:35 10 - 100 USD   from 1 to 30 day(s)

Okay so here goes if you are familiar with Gann Grid in mt4 it is a real bitch to work with I am looking to solve this problem what I am looking for is a Fibonacci retracement tool that has murrey math written on it I have already actually done the calculations and fit it to a Fibonacci tool manually but I also want an exact 45 degree angle Gann grid attached to it in essence it's creating a grid Matrix it has to be able to be drawn just like you would use a Fibonacci tool it is to be done manually by selecting my own highs and lows in mt4 it also cannot change scale when switching time frames has to be exact, Basically I don't want anything to be just arbitrary, I want full control over the same way you would draw a normal Fibonacci retracement I wanted it to be a standalone indicator, with Customized levels, just like the fibo retracement tool built into mt4. Must scale the same way the fib retracement tool does. Must have vertical time lines starting with the border. And also would love to have the ability to color code all of the lines to my liking. Take a look at the screenshot for a better idea. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication, i will be looking forward to your reply.

PS I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like when i have to do this manually
2016-10-13.png 268 kb
Mohammad Hanif Ansari

Mohammad Hanif Ansari 2016.10.14 17:28
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