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Customer 2016.10.13 16:07 < 100 USD   to 10 day(s)

I have the main indikator for the robot/EA and its for binary options !             as diskused

the robo should give me a signal if:

  • my indikator autochannel is touched (turn on/off)
  • my indikator autotrendlinie is touched (turn on/off)
  • the RSI&STO is over or under a certain value (this is the tricky part to explain)
after the signal, the robot should trade alone with martingale and list the won and lost trades 

other stuff: 

activate/deactivate the robot with a button for diffrent charts 

automatically screenshots, when the trade starts  

and at least something like a "live status" if every condition is given to trade or not


i would like to have the details private ! This here is a rough description !

about the price we can still talk !


best regards, brand 

Fedor Arkhipov

Fedor Arkhipov 2016.10.13 16:10 100 USD     to 10 day(s)
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