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Entry: 3 Mas (Indicator FanTrendDetector – download on Exit: Intial Stop, Adaptive Chandelier Trailing Stop, Volatility Stop




* the EA should work for all timeframes (M1 to weekly)

* MA configuration: period, shift, apply to close, color, style

* triple stop model:

1. Initial stop: amount (e.g. EUR)

2. Chandelier Trailing stop:

here the description:

I would like to modify the trailing stop as follows:

·       I would like to have the possibility to change the described 22 day High or Low period as I guess it relates strongly to the volatility of the instrument.

·       If the close reaches a profit that is greater than x times the initial stop, the trailing should automatically tighten the trailing stop, that means it should change the ATR factor e.g. von 3 to 1.5

·       That means I need the following parameter:

o   Period to measure the ATR and the first number in the Chandelier formula

·       Initial ATR

·       Tighter ATR

·       Profit (multiple of initial stop) when the trailing stop should tighten

3. Volatility stop: should exit if today’s volatility is x-times the volatility of the day before, parameter:
x, color, style

* all stops should only be visible for active trades

* the system should only enter a trade if the previous trade is finished; that means only one trade at a time per instrument; if the EA is in a trade and the trend turns around, it should what until the stops finish the trade and then enter the new trade


Entry long:


* If FanTrendDetector is up (I think they use “1”) then enter long


Enter Short:


* If FanTrendDetector is down (I think they use “-1”) then enter long


Exit Long:


* If price < initial stop (always) and if price < trailing stop or volatility stop


Exit Short:


*  If price > initial stop (always) and if price > trailing stop or volatility stop





* For the moment I would like to use that EA for test purposes and manual trading. For that purpose, I will implement the EA on a virtual server.

* Trading Process:

o I get a signal if the above mentioned conditions (long, short) are fulfilled

o I can start a manual order, the EA realizes the trade (new signal only if the previous trade is finished)

o the exit will be managed via the stops (virtual MT5 server)

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