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frankie 2016.10.12 18:03

Good Morning Hooshang

Two items

Item 1 ( existing EA)

1.       Version 2.11 of the srline EA that we have been working on has a bug in it.  When the close/open of the forex day occurs the ea enters +- 700 limit orders and then 2 hours later deletes them when the lines restet themselves ( I use midnightime  at +2:00). This seems to happen everyday. ( see attached V2.11 screen shot).

2.       When the market opens on Sunday 5:00 EST the same thing happens, I do not know if it caused by the same thing or something different. There may be an issue with  a gap being created in the price between close on Friday and open on Sunday, if it is just a gap issue I am open to suggestions on how to stop all the limit orders being created on the open on Sunday, we may be able to set the time  the ea can trade.

3.       This is something that I want to add to the EA, I want to be able to set the maximum drawdown that the ea allow before it stops and sends me a notification ( notification should say something like “ Maximum ( Daily or Overall) Drawdown Has Been Reached”) (I should be able to do this for a single day and  overall) ( it should be in % for account) ( the EA can only be started again by me restarting it.)

Other than that one bug it seems to be working perfectly.

Item 2

Lets keep the separate from the existing EA ( however it will eventually be included in the EA)

1.       Indicator, MT4, 1H Timeframe

a.       This indicator will need to monitor the 1H time frame no matter what time frame in on the chart.

b.      User will need to set the start time and end time for this indicator to work, relative to midnightime setting ( meaning that if I want it to start 4 hours after what I have set as midnight then the setting should be 4:00)

c.       Send me notifications in the same way we are doing now with the ea

2.       ( see Attached image #2)  I should get a notification when all of the requirements are met.

a.       When the wicks of the preceding candle ( Candle B) and the candle after ( Candle C) are low/higher then candle A. (areas 1 & 2 in the image)

b.      The body of the candle after ( Candle C) extends beyond the main candle ( Candle A) (area 3 in the image).

The images shows 3 examples, examples 1 &2  are when I should get a notification HOWEVER in example #3 candle C does not meet the requirement of extending beyond candle A’s ( area 3 ) body so there I should not receive a notification.

Untitled-1.jpg 179 kb
Image_92.jpg 217 kb
Hooshang Nosratpanah

Hooshang Nosratpanah 2016.10.14 12:50
Jobs: 1672 (77% personal)
Arbitration: 79 (completed in favor of the developer 30%, canceled in favor of the customer 36%)
Overdue: 33% (563)
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