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Peejay Lal
Peejay Lal 2016.10.09 13:25 20 USD   from 5 to 15 day(s)

I want to have a timeline indicator which prints on the chart horizontal lines for any 1 and up to 9 timeframes (selected by user) any of open/close/high/low times (selected by the user) with number of hits (selected by the user) experienced during a lookback period (selected by the user by datewise - from timedateyear to timedateyear as well as by bargs ago option). It is very similar to your sample indicator of open levels.

But your open-levels indicator is not working so I am not sure the quality of the sample you have posted.

I would like to test your sample also to see your quality. 

I have only seen the picture of open levels. I want similar indicator  to show time stamp printed with  seconds/minutes/days/weeks ago written on the line. Many times M1 chart should be able to print on the charts levels produced a few seconds as well. 

 Picture is attached of what I need:





Alexander Puzanov

Alexander Puzanov 2016.10.09 16:41
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