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Sanya Vellyn
Sanya Vellyn 2016.10.06 03:56 10 - 200 USD   from 1 to 7 day(s)


I would like EA for MT4, 5 digit broker, where I can set Price Levels, to Buy and Sell,  manually

I set Price Levels and enter them manually into EA Robot 

Robot would execute orders based on few rules:

1. Buy on H1 time frame, if 50% of the candle crosses above my Price Level

2. Set Stop Loss (also should be set manually), of 18 pips or 24 pips for H1 time frame (and 45 pips for H4 time frame), from the Price Level (not from the Buy price)

example: I set Price Level to Buy at 1340, and candle closes >50% above 1340, then when candle closes, Robot would place a buy order

Immediately, Robot would set Stop Loss at 1340-18 pips

2. Buy if less that 50% of the candle closes above price level AND if next candle is not Doji or sideways, but closes above first candle 

3. Buy maximum 5 times at the same Price Level

4. Set Trailing Stop (manually) at 24 pips for H1 and 45 pips for H4 time frame


You can watch my video to get the idea



Same rules go for Sell orders 

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