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Customer 2016.10.02 10:39
I need a trade copier that would be able to copy trades from my NT8 master account to my slave accounts on NT7.

(1) My automated trading strategies and indicators currently work with the latest version of Ninjatrader 8 (not 7) with Ninjatrader brokerage. As such, this is where my master trading account resides;
(2) I also have my key slave account with Topsteptrader whose data feed is currently only available on Ninjatrader 7 and NOT available on the NT8 version that my master account uses. As such, I am unable to access/view and trade my Topsteptrader account from my master NT8 account, hence the reason why I need to automatically copy trades from my NT8 master account to my NT7 slave account;
(3) The trade copier should allow for copying entry orders, trailing stop, etc;
(4) Should be able to work in milliseconds. Both Nt7 and Nt8 will be hosted on the same vps;
(5) Trade copier should be able to map different symbol names for the same instrument between master and slave e.g. FDAX in master to GER30 in slave;
(6) Copier to allow for autoscaling of trades between master and slave, based on master risk % of account value; fixed lot/contract; factor of master lot/contract size (with resulting figures rounded to the nearest whole number).

Kindly confirm timing and cost.
Satyam Shivam

Satyam Shivam 2016.10.07 14:54 700 USD     from 10 to 11 day(s)
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