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Customer 2016.09.29 11:03 20 - 21 USD   from 7 to 14 day(s)

Hi Igor,

When people buy this EA from us we want them to have a different style of access, with UNLIMITED accounts for 2 computers, instead of having them to come to us for every account they want to input, o.k.. 

BUT, we will still have DEALS, etc. where we give limited access also, so we will still want and need to use the KeyGenerator for some Clients but, not all.  

Maybe we can get another security version for the Simple EA that can customize the number of computers and accounts, because we will have some deals for people for just one computer, 10 accounts, 25 accounts, 50 accounts and Unlimited accounts... and another version with, 2 computers with 10 accounts, 25 accounts, 50 accounts and also Unlimited accounts, can you please add this version?  

You can handle this for us, correct? 

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