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Customer 2016.09.27 23:09 70- USD

hi all


I have ninjatrader 7 indicator that i want to convert small part of it into mq4 and then use this indicator on 45 symbol charts (eurusd , eurjpy , usdcad , oil , sugar , es , nq , natgas , coffee .. etc etc ) and then display the results in a table.


the indicator is simply draw a new built zigzag  (not the common zigzag in MT4) : it is a zigzag based on my criteria where it draw swing highs/swing lows based on minimum price travel distance threshold in ticks or pips or dollars or points ( each symbol will have its minimum #ticks entered manually).rds

then use such results for each symbol to show it in table.

attached is a screen shot of the indicator in NT7 chart + table to be displayed.

I will share the source code of NT7 , it is a big code but i want to convert little portion of it. .. i'll explain all of that thru skype.

i think that the whole code will be around 1500 - 2000 lines.





IndicatorsExperts, MQL4

Developer 2016.09.27 23:27
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